Pilot Project Grants


*University of Pittsburgh Basic Biology of Aging Work Group Pilot Project Winners 2015-2016

Dr. Kevin C. Chan, Ian A. Sigal, PhD, Joel S. Schuman, MD
Proposal: Non-invasive Imaging of the Effects of Aging and Ocular Hypertension on the Microstructures and Macromolecules in the Eye.


Dr. Arjumand Ghazi, Peter Wipf, PhD
Proposal: Suppression of Age-Related Reproductive Senescence and Germline Tumorigenesis by Mitochondria-Targeted ROS Modulators.


Dr. Roderick J. O'Sullivan, Patricia L. Opresko, PhD
Proposal: Iinvestigating a non-canonical function of DNA Polymerase Eta (Polη) in the maintenance of telomere integrity.


Dr. Ana L. Mora, Brett A. Kaufman, PhD
Proposal: The role of PINK1 in mtDNA integrity and tumorigenesis.


Dr. Eric Goetzman, Donna Beer Stolz, PhD, Edward Prochownik, MD, PhD
Proposal: 8, effects of lysine acylation and sirtuins on catalase localization and peroxisomal H2O2 levels/ c-myc effectsrole of sirtuins in regulating peroxisomal protein acylation and peroxisomal function in a mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).